Type 1 Diabetes Care Directive  

Healthcare Design, Product and UX Design, UI Design, Copy Writing, Information Architecture
Using the community based research conducted prior to this design sprint, I collaborated with 3 designers to design the Type 1 Diabetes Care Directive and its website.

The Type 1 Diabetes Care Directive is a one-page document detailing the diabetes management, wishes, and preferences for shared decision-making for PWT1D.
Timeline : June 2021- December 2021
Role: UX/ UI Designer & Researcher
Scope : UX Research, UX Design, Product Design
View in depth case study for the directive here

How might we design a new tool for two distinct types of users (people with type 1 diabetes and health care workers) such that quality of care can be improved through shared-decision making?

Document Ideation

I got to worked on ideation based on affinity map data, and think of all the ways to implement something useful, feasible, and ultimately beneficial to the type 1 community.

Usability Testing

We interviewed a total 6 healthcare providers, including doctors from UC San Diego Health and Stanford Health, and conducted usability tests through story board and A/B testing. The result shows that a short directive is valuable in certain settings where HCPs might not have sufficient knowledge on type 1 diabetes.

Final design

Website Design

Final design

Form-filling Design

Changing original design to a vertical layout to accommodate information layout

Final design

Above are just glimpse of what I accomplished in this project cycle. To reached the final products, I explored the ideas of user privacy, information architecture, copy writing, and branding. This case study is still in progress, but please reach out to me for a more comprehensive view of the work I've done.

Ongoing project with
UC San Diego Diabetes Design Initiative

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