About me

Hello, I’m Jodie. I am a product designer based in San Diego, California. My path to becoming a product designer is a compelling tale that encompasses my upbringing in Hong Kong, my transition from Hong Kong to California, and my journey through college.

For the initial 15 years of my life, I resided in the captivating city of Hong Kong. During my formative years, I demonstrated a natural talent for art and excelled in the sciences. Growing up surrounded by both tradition and innovation, I was immersed in an environment where aesthetics played an integral role. Consequently, I honed my eye for art and design and learned to appreciate beauty in every aspect of life. After relocating to the United States for high school and college, I initially pursued engineering, which, while satisfying my logical mind with endless problem-solving, failed to fulfill my craving for aesthetics. Thus, I sought beauty through California's stunning sunsets, film, music, canvases, and camera lenses. When the pandemic swept across the state, my yearning for aesthetics and creativity led me to establish a RedBubble store, enabling me to share my illustrations and art with others. While engineering was rewarding, design felt like a breath of fresh air.

Through my peers, I stumbled upon product design, and my journey in this field has been nothing short of extraordinary. A blend of problem-solving and creative thinking, product design came naturally to me, yet proved challenging and stimulating. During my college years, I was able to develop a stronger foundation in visual design, embrace empathy in user research, and create products that I am genuinely proud of through the principles of UX.

As I approach the end of my college journey, I am actively engaged in Design Co, the largest pre-professional design organization on campus, where I serve as the director of operations. Through this role, I continuously share my knowledge and experience with like-minded individuals on campus.

Product Designer at Seismic Software
Director of Operations at UC San Diego Design Co.
Student Assistant at UC San Diego Design Lab