Product Designer at Seismic software

Jodie is a product designer driven by a fierce passion for transforming intricate concepts into seamless & stunning products.

My work

My work

League of Amazing Programmers Web Design
UX design, UX research, Visual Design, Branding
Blendees Website Design
UX research, UX design, Branding, Visual Design
Type 1 Diabetes Care Directive & Website Design
Healthcare Design, Product and UX Design, UI Design, UX Research, Copy Writing, Information Architecture
Design Co
Leadership , Student Organization
Just for fun

Let me introduce myself.

Hello! I'm Jodie, a product designer passionate about transforming big ideas into intuitive products. My innate creativity, coupled with my logical mind, has been the driving force behind my foray into the world of UX design. My extensive experience in user research, visual design, accessibility design, and design systems allows me to seamlessly piece together intricate and complex concepts, resulting in quality products. See my work to learn more.

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